Africa's carbon register.

Indicative OFFER prices per carbon credit per country for 2022:

Canada Denmark Finland France Iceland Ireland Latvia Liechtenstein Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland UK USA
 $ 31.97  $  21.30  $ 68.08  $ 39.43  $ 27.40  $ 36.25  $ 13.26  $       103.88  $       34.68  $       36.91  $ 70.09  $ 21.15  $ 15.30  $         6.00  $ 13.26  $ 103.91  $    103.88  $ 18.92  $ 20.00

What we do?

We create high-quality fungible voluntary carbon credits under the ISO 14065 standard.

We unlock funding via our strategic partnership with the IMPACT INVESTMENT GROUP within 3-6 months of the onboarding of your project.

We strongly advocate and facilitate the transfer of carbon credits between sovereigns seeking to achieve their National Development Contributions.

Our carbon credits are certified by independent verification and validation bodies in order to ensure absolute integrity and transparency.

We create additional income for approved Project Developers, across Africa, by approving access to our digital portal in order to rapidly onboard and define projects that can issue fungible carbon credits.

We make a sustainable impact.
Each carbon credit registered with SACxR register, will result in an investment towards one or more of the 17 United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

CONTACT US if you would like us to create carbon credits for your project.

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